Our passion for linen drives everything we do. Small domestic luxuries meant to be loved and used every day, our linen wares are thoughtfully crafted. In every way, they satisfy our longing for simplicity, quality, and comfort – from trusting our craft and believing in our ethical practices to feeling that unmistakable freshness of linen against our skin. Almost magical properties are believed to be associated with linen.

Our story starts with a family heirloom – homespun linen from a stone cottage in Scotland brought to light four generations later. It is impossible to separate what we create today from what was created here and there.

Through our in-house sewing team, we bring our love for timeless linen to a world that can benefit from its strength, continuity, and craftsmanship. You can feel the goodness in your own hands. Designed to be lived with and loved.

We’re glad to have you here.